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MMFF 2016 Guide: Which Movies You Should Watch

  GMovies  |  posted 3 months ago

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Here’s our recommendation based on your personality!

This year’s Metro Manila Film Festival has caused so much commotion with its lineup filled with mostly independent film entries. Unlike the past years, MMFF 2016  goes on for only 10 days. So, here’s a guide to help you decide which MMFF movie is the right pick for you!


1. Die Beautiful by Jun Robles Lana


When Trisha’s (Paolo Ballesteros) family decides to bury her as a man, her friends stop at nothing to bury her no less than a queen. Along the way, they look back at the colorful life Trisha led.


Watch if you’re into makeup transformations, flashbacks, beauty, and pride love.


2. Kabisera by Arturo San Agustin and Real Florido


Nora Aunor and Ricky Davao star in a film about a family whose lives are placed in danger when the get involved in violent crimes and EJK. This film sociopolitical drama depicts a reality that feels all too familiar today.


Watch if you don’t know what EJK means and if you can handle the truth. Book na, mga ka-DDS!


3. Sunday Beauty Queen by Baby Ruth Villarama


The first documentary to ever get in the MMFF follows five Filipina OFWs in Hong Kong over the course of four years as they take part in an annual beauty pageant.


Watch if you ever had a yaya, if you’ve never seen a documentary on filipinos/filipinas, and if you liked the trailer(watch the trailer!)!



4. Saving Sally by Avid Liongoren's


Aspiring comic-book artist Marty (Enzo Marcos) is secretly in love with his best friend, Sally (Rhian Ramos), the pretty gadget inventor. This animation-reality cross has been 10 years in the making, how long will it take for him to overcome his ka-torpehan?


Watch if gets mo na love is a risk, if you sometimes live in your imagination, or if you are an artist looking for inspiration!



5. Vince & Kath & James by Theodore Boborol


Kath (Julia Barretto) can’t stand Vince (Joshua Garcia) and she has no idea that he’s the one who’s been sending all the romantic text to her for his friend James (Ronnie Alante). Tension grows as the days get closer to Kath finding out who her secret admirer is.


Watch if you always wanted a secret(pogi) admirer,  if you like John Lloyd films (they say the next gen lloydee stars in this film) and if you need a little “kilig” in your life.


6. Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2


Eugene Domingo stars as herself in this sequel to the 2011 hit Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank. LOL as this hilarious actress goes back into the world of moviemaking.


Watch if you loved Ang Babae sa Septic Tank, if you like movies within movies, or if you just need a good laugh!


7. Seklusyon by Erik Matti


Set in 1947, Seklusyon is about 4 deacons (Ronnie Alonte, Dominic Roque, John Vic de Guzman, and JR Versales) who face their last 7 days before priesthood—a time when the devil's attacks are at its strongest.


Watch if you’re ready to see a real Filipino horror film, if you like Eric Matti movies, or if you need a change of mood this jolly season.



8. ORO


Miners lives are put in danger when an armed group of environmentalists infiltrate their community. In a clash between depleting resources and man’s need to survive, where would you stand?


Watch if you are an environmentalist, if you want to know about mining communities, or if you simply just enjoy conflict.



The MMFF 2016 is set to be released on December 25. The MMFF 2016 awards night will be held on December 29. Make the most out of your holiday break and book your tickets with GMovies!

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