“Passengers” Review - Filling The Spaces
1 year ago

“The drowning man will always try to take someone down with him.”


2016 has come to a close but our main man, Chris Pratt, is still the man of the hour. Star-lord has come a long way from his comedy days and his latest movie with Jennifer Lawrence is proof that he has made it. Passengers is a new take on sci-fi that grabs its viewers with its over-the-top visuals and interesting plot. Let’s see if the star-studded combination of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence can save the film from the dark abyss of really bad sci-fi movies.


The Avalon


The human race has conquered the limits of the universe by making space travel a part of the norm, albeit a very expensive one. The Avalon, a starship transporting 5000 hibernating colonists, is on its way to Homestead II; man’s newest home. The long and peaceful trip is cut short when two hibernation pods malfunction and awakens two passengers, Mechanical Engineer Jim Preston and Writer Aurora Lane, and the worst part is they woke up 90 years too early.


If you’re going to get trapped in space, why not do it in style?


Trapped inside a ship in deep space, the two passengers develop feelings for each other and start to accept their fate until they discover that the ship is sinking. With 5000 lives at stake, Jim and Aurora must move to save their co-passengers from suffering a much darker fate.

A Sci-fi Castaway


Tom Hanks gets stranded on an island and he gets a volleyball, while Chris Pratt gets stranded on a spaceship with Jennifer Lawrence - who wins? But jokes aside, Passengers really put the effort with its visual spectacle. The cinematography was better than what we expected when we saw the trailer. As for the acting, Chris Pratt gave this film its depth (sorry JLaw). For the first act of the film, Chris’ character, Jim Preston, was inside a gladiator arena where his urges and morals were colliding due to his isolation. It’s interesting to see how the character’s layers were peeled off (we’ll stop right here to avoid spoilers). Oh and we can’t forget Michael Sheen. The man has always been more than human (pun intended).


“Boys will talk, but a gentleman. A gentleman knows how to keep secrets, Jim.” - Arthur the Bartender.


Our only problem with the movie was its pacing - it was dead slow!  Some of the fat could’ve been trimmed off and the transitions between some scenes were a little sketchy, but that’s about it. Like any other movie, Passengers was not perfect, but was it worth the trip to the cinema? Yes, it was. Its plot alone was intoxicating.



We still think Tom wins because...it’s Wilson. No one can beat Wilson. #TheOriginalSurvivor

The Verdict


Upon seeing its trailer, you probably think that Passengers is your normal run-of-the-mill sci-fi flick, but Chris Pratt will prove you wrong. That’s all we’ll say because 3.5/5 movie stars is what we’re giving this trip to sci-fi paradise.

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