#ReelReview: “Fifty Shades Freed”
2 weeks ago

The climax to the amorous affair known as the Fifty Shades film series.


Fifty Shades Darker introduced us to the explicit world of Ana Steele and Christian Grey back in 2015. The first installment was billed as the foreplay of the series. We’re assuming that the second was already third base, so Fifty Shades Freed must be the climax. Based on E.L. James’ best-selling novel of the same name, Fifty Shades Freed, builds the trilogy nicely, despite having a few rough edges.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson reprise their roles as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, now Ana Grey, respectively. The two stars have always had a good chemistry on-screen, and despite past backlash, they have made it work once again, warts and all. Leaving behind the chaotic events of the first movie, Christian and Ana work their way to a happy ending as Mr. and Mrs. Grey. Newly married and madly in love, the couple starts a new life filled with extravagant pleasures (well, that’s not the only pleasure) and titillating moments that we can only dream of. All seems well, but some ghosts from their past haven’t really disappeared, and a particular one plans to ruin the climax of the Greys.

We’ll start of with our observation by saying that the film’s plot isn’t really a sight to behold. It can get dragging and forced in some parts which make it questionable if director James Foley was rushed or limited by the studio in fully polishing the execution. As for the actors, we can’t help but compare Christian and Ana to the Twilight saga’s Edward and Bella, with the leading men being the mysterious dominant and the female lead as the innocent blank canvas who develop a persona as the story progresses. Although, this time, it’s definitely raunchier than a vampire-human teen romance. Dakota Johnson’s portrayal has changed as her character now holds a bit of fight in her. She’s no longer as submissive as before, get what we mean?

Despite our skepticism about the execution, this final installment does excel in connecting the events to the previous films and, of course, it did a good job on the steamy sex scenes. After all, that was the selling point of the trilogy, so we couldn’t expect any less. One aspect of the film does baffle us, Danny Elfman’s song choices for the musical score. From the man that gave us the epic Batman theme, this one was not very Danny Elfman-like, but it does work.


The Verdict

While there were a few mood-ruining moments, overall, Fifty Shades Freed did reach its climactic end with a bang. We’ll give it 3 / 5 movie stars for a memorable night. *wink* 

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