“Sing” Review - The Music Does The Talking
2018 years ago

“All creatures great and small, welcome to the Moon Theater!”


Animated movies with anthropomorphic animals are a dime a dozen nowadays. There are so many of them, that it’s a little hard to come up with something original. Garth Jenning’s Sing makes a valiant effort to make the same ingredients work by adding in a motley cast of actors. Sing is a mix of American Idol and The Secret Life of Pets, but there’s a hidden charm behind the truisms of its genre; a hidden talent that’s ready to burst.

The Talker - Buster Moon is the dapper businessman that can talk his way in and out of ANYTHING.

Dream Big Dreams


A savvy businessman and a relentless optimist, Koala Buster Moon has long been in love with the world of theater. His dreams come true as he finally owns a theater house himself, but hard times befall him, and his ambitions might be turned to dust. In a last desperation move to save his theater house, Buster organizes a singing competition that takes the city by storm. With five talented participants from different walks of life, Mr. Moon aims to bring the glory back on the stage and be the talk of the town once more!

There’s a lot of piggy power in this movie.

Same Ole’ Song And Dance


Sing still follows the genetic makeup of its animated predecessors, but it contains a charming sincerity that doesn’t fail to entertain. It’s by no means groundbreaking - well maybe except for the musical parts of it - but it mirrors a reality that we’re all familiar with. Matthew McConaughey’s role as Buster Moon is smooth as can be. The now-veteran actor shows us his versatility by evoking his own charisma in an animated character. Buster leads the central theme of the movie. He’s a dreamer whose optimism is very contagious, and although he has his faults for being a bit of a scoundrel, deep down he has a soft spot for all creatures great and small.


Sing features a lot of hidden singing talents such as Taron Egerton as Johnny the Gorilla, Reese Witherspoon as mother pig, Rosita, and Seth MacFarlane, who delivers plenty of Sinatra-esque numbers, as Mike the Mouse. As a musical movie, Sing is required to feature talent that will bring the house down - literally! American Idol Alumna, Tori Kelly, provides the high notes as the timid elephant Meena, and believe us, she has the power!

The Verdict


Sing makes everything straight to the point. It has a few not-so-bright moments, but we’re sure of one thing, it is VERY entertaining. The song performances alone steals the show and makes up for its lack in depth. It does the job in entertaining and that’s all we need for a movie titled as such. We give it 4/5 movie stars!


Sing is distributed by Universal Pictures and is now out in cinemas. Dream big and sing your heart out with the five lucky contestants and book your tickets now with GMovies!

All images courtesy of United International Pictures