The Good, The Bad, And The “Hollyweird”: Memorable Oscar 2018 Moments
6 days ago

Just like the previous Academy Awards, this year’s Oscars also had its moments.


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Ahh, yes, The Oscars. Hollywood’s prime time night where the best in the industry are gathered and given the prestigious gold that is - an academy award. Despite the glamorized culture that permeates the Hollywood air, the Oscars has always had interesting moments. Some are good, some are bad, and some will just leave you scratching your head. The 90th Academy Awards is no different.

Good: Jimmy Kimmel’s Witty But Serious Opening Monologue

Hosting the Oscars is never an easy task and with the recent events that plagued the movie industry these past months, it won’t be any easier. With that being said, we’ll give props to Jimmy Kimmel for bridging the gap between relevance and humor by touching sensitive topics, but still bringing light-hearted humor to his opening monologue.

Bad: Lady Bird gets completely snubbed

The Academy’s biggest mistake that night was turning a blind eye on Greta Gerwig’s magnificent directorial debut, Lady Bird. With five nominations under its belt, we were pretty sure that it would take home one at the least, but that was not to happen. Such a waste and more so, a disappointment.

Good: Gary Oldman finally gets the gold

Well, it’s about damn time! An acting chameleon who even lost his own accent because of his dedication to his role, Gary Oldman made a well-deserved Best Actor win for his role as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. Although, we do have qualms about his victory...

Bad: Also, Gary Oldman getting the gold (We’ll explain…)

We’re not implying that Gary Oldman doesn’t deserve an Oscar, but what we are saying is that he should’ve won the award way back. His past performance Tinker Tailor Soldier was a role that could’ve won him the award. Although his role as Winston Churchill was an incredible effort, his fellow Best Actor nominees - particularly Timothee Chamalet and Daniel Day-Lewis - simply gave more electricity to the roles that they played. 


Weird: Jimmy Kimmel and co. surprise-the-audience gag (When jokes don’t fly like you hoped)

When we saw Jimmy Kimmel and his company of jaw-dropping celebrities - Gal Gadot, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Ansel Elgort, Armie Hammer, Margot Robbie, and Mark Hamill, among others - surprise a cinema audience, who were all watching A Wrinkle in Time, by giving them snacks, we were waiting for a memorable reaction, but that was not the case for everyone.


The segment had an awkward and weird after-effect to the dumbfounded moviegoers, especially after Kimmel quipped that the cinema smelled of marijuana. Hmmm...that didn’t go as planned.


Good: Frances McDormand wins best actress and “has some things to say”.

Frances McDormand’s fierce role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri as a woman whose fire was awakened by injustice matched her strong gaze and tone as she delivered her speech after being given the award for Best Actress. Prompting her fellow female nominees to stand up to be recognized (ala the ending of Mean Girls), she skipped the small talk and went straight to the issue at hand, which is the unequal treatment of the industry towards female celebrities.


Weird: Frances McDormand robbed of her Oscar - literally.

Frances McDormand almost went home without an Oscar - in the literal sense of the word - because her trophy was stolen during the Governance celebratory ball after the ceremony! The culprit is 47-year-old, Terry Bryant, who even live-streamed himself with the trophy in hand while he was drinking. Some people, huh?


Weird: The random military movie montage that popped out like a pimple on your prom night.

We’re not against the gesture of the Oscars trying to give tribute to the men and women who are on the front lines, but when it borders to romanticizing war? Well, we can’t actually agree with that either. Also, it’s a bit out-of-place in a movie awards show.


Good: The Oscars - not as white as it used to be.

From Coco’s highlighting of Mexican culture to Jordan Peele’s win for Get Out, the 90th Academy Awards made up for last year’s “Oscars-so-white” backlash. There were a lot of fresh faces in the crowd and this year’s awards boasted more multiracial nominees. Talent has no race because it’s given to those who worked hard for it.

Bad: Sadly, it’s still a male-dominant Oscars.

Despite the constant publicity with regard to gender equality in Hollywood, the 90th Academy Awards still fell victim to a lot of mouth-honoring as there was still an imbalance in honoring female nominees. A good example of this was Rachel Morrison and Greta Gerwig both walking empty-handed.


The former was nominated for Best Cinematography for Mudbound while the latter was nominated for Best Director for Lady Bird. Were the nominations historic? Yes, especially for Morrison who was the first woman ever to be nominated in the cinematography category, but sadly, the Oscars still disregarded the fine talents of these two women. We can’t blame Emma Stone for her presenting remarks - “These four men and Greta Gerwig...”.


Good: Coco will forever be remembered for its Best Animated Feature victory.

Rich in culture and accurate in translating it to the big screen, Disney Pixar’s Coco hits the big time with an Oscar gold for Best Animated Feature. With Pixar’s animation caliber in the past, we weren’t that surprised.


Weird: Kobe Bryant has more Oscars than LeBron or MJ

We’re not hating on the Black Mamba, but Kobe Bryant winning an Oscar for Best Short Film for Dear Basketball in just one try is a big surprise since veteran actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Gary Oldman only had to make more than a dozen films to win one single award. Yeah, we know Leo won for Best Actor, but come on Academy! Kobe Bryant and an Oscar!? How is LeBron going to keep up with that!?...oops.


Good: Guillermo del Toro’s spotlight shines brightly.

From the fiery pits of the underworld of the Hellboy franchise to the mysticism of Pan’s Labyrinth, Guillermo del Toro has always showcased his unique storytelling through fantasy. Tackling reality through the scope of fantasy is the man’s specialty, and we’re happy to see him getting the recognition that he deserves for The Shape of Water. The film won Best Picture and got him the Oscar gold for Best Director. He will forever be part of the legacy of filmmakers with Oscar-worthy caliber.


Good: Get Out’s Jordan Peele wins the Best Screenplay Award.

Undoubtedly, the biggest recognition of the night was Jordan Peele taking him an Oscar for Best Screenplay for the satirical horror film, Get Out. From being ½ of the Key and Peele comedy duo to an Oscar winner, Jordan Peele is the man who broke the Academy Award stereotype for Oscar winners. From the kid from Comedy Central to Oscar winner? Carlito is proud foo’!! Can’t relate to the reference? Check out the video below.