The Things We Want To See In Avengers: Infinity War
1 week ago

Well, there is a lot that we want to see, but these ones top our list.


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The Avengers: Infinity War hype is just getting started and we just can’t seem to get enough of it! We first thought we’d give you a list of things that we don’t want to see in the film, but that would be too simple because, well, it would just be all of Earth’s mightiest heroes dying and we DON’T want that. Not even the thought of it. Okay, let’s change the topic. *sobs*


We’re listing down the things that we WANT to see in Avengers: Infinity War and these are the ones that doesn’t involve any of our heroes getting killed off because, you know? It’s kind of a sensitive topic. Now, jokes aside here’s our list.


1. Steve Rogers As the Nomad

The Nomad is the alter ego that Steve Rogers adopts after he became disillusioned with the American government and thus abandoning the Captain America persona. Since we all know that good ole’ Steve’s not the closest of friends with the U.S of A - well, not like he used to - we’re itching to see him don this new persona or even, maybe, just an Easter egg. We think it’s more badass because The Nomad was a bit of a rogue in the comic books.


2. Marvelous Minds

We have Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Shuri, Doctor Stephen Strange, and Peter Parker. Now, what do they have in common? Massive brains and sky-rocketing IQ numbers. Can you imagine the on-screen chemistry if they were all in one scene? We’re hoping to see some back-and-forth genius-level banter. All that’s missing now is the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards and we’re all set.


3. The Ultimate Team-up - The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers

The wacky chemistry between Starlord and his gang of galactic hooligans have always had us holding on to our stomachs from laughter, but what if we add the likes of Tony Stark or Thor to that banter? While we’re all for seeing some TGOTG and Avengers tag-team action, we really want to see how each of their personalities meld with each other.


4. How Bad Can Thanos Get (?)

With all the build-up on Thanos’ mean streak, we can only expect the worst of the worst for our noble Marvel heroes. So, we want to see some ruthless aggression from the mad titan. If the hype about his evil is true, then go ahead and bring it! We don’t need another Ultron.


5. The Wanda-Vision And Bucky-Natasha Connection...but mostly, Bucky-Natasha

As we all know, in the comic book universe of the Avengers, Wanda and Vision have an actual thing and we’ve seen a glimpse of that in the trailer, but what we really want to see this time is the Winter Soldier and Black Widow taking a shot from Cupid’s arrow. Both of them are legit badasses in our opinion so wouldn’t that be a sight to see, right?


6. The Passing of the Torch...or torches(?)

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Peter Parker is Tony’s apprentice of sorts, and young Spidey has ways to go before he earns the mantle of an Avenger (which hopefully, by Infinity War we see him “knighted”). But Tony Stark isn’t the only Avenger who has a mantle to pass because, for Captain America, we have two possible candidates - Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. We also can’t forget T’Challa and his little sister Shuri, although we’re certain that there won’t be any passing-of-the-torch yet for the Black Panther.


However, in the case of Captain America or Iron Man, there might be a mantle-passing seeing where their characters are headed because, you know, some of them are not renewing their contracts for another film. We’re not going to say the “D”-word so we’ll just leave it at that.

So, that’s that! We didn’t include any of the Infinity Stones on this list because that’s a general must-have in the film’s plot. What are the things that you want to see in Avengers: Infinity War? Leave a comment on our Facebook post!


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