What We Loved And Hated In Avengers: Infinity War
2 weeks ago

We had to watch it twice to fully realize a few things. Be warned - SPOILERS ahead.


Alright. First things first, this article contains a LOT OF SPOILERS!! So, if you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, please continue reading our other articles *like our spoiler-free Infinity War review. We’ve said it once, we loved Avengers: Infinity War as a whole, but after watching it for the second time, we finally figured out some of the things that we also hated.


This is all personal opinion, so we can understand if you would think otherwise. It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s a damn good one!

HATE - The Vision being treated like a “lost little kid inside a shopping mall”.

The Vision is a very powerful character in the comics, so seeing him get beat up so easily - and almost killed - by Thanos’ children was disappointing. He has an Infinity Stone on his forehead for crying out loud! Since he had a lot of screentime, we wish he could have been given a bit of a fight instead of being cradled around like a baby and have Wanda acting like an overprotective nanny.



Loki was amazing as both a villain and an anti-hero. Despite his horrifying deeds in previous films, we were hoping that he could have redeemed himself, but that was not to be. We can understand his death at the hands of Thanos, but the way he died? It was beneath him.


LOVE - Spider-Man and Iron Man: Father and son.

The dynamics between Peter Parker and Iron Man pulls a lot of heartstrings. Tony grew up distant from his father due to the senior Stark’s work ethics, so Tony trying to balance his own emotions as a mentor to Peter is him trying to be a father as well. With Tony’s overprotectiveness, it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes that his dad did.


So, when Spider-Man turned to ash near the end of the movie, it was a truly heartbreaking scene, and all the more so because it was as if Peter knew what was happening because of his spidey senses. You could see it in Tony’s face while he was holding Peter. The guilt that will haunt him and the loss that will follow him.

HATE - Some of the characters might as well have been MIA because of how useless they were.

Well….not really useless, but more underutilized, would be the proper term. At the top of our heads, this would Captain America, Bucky, Shuri, and Black Panther. We’re especially disappointed with Bucky’s screen time because we were expecting more from the Winter Soldier’s- now called, White Wolf - return to action. We didn’t even see what his new metal arm can do, and we’re pretty sure Rocket the Racoon wanted to see it as well.

LOVE x20!! - Thor and the greatest superhero landing of all time.

Personally, we thought that Thor’s entrance during the battle with the Outriders at Wakanda was one of the greatest moments in the film. The god of thunder really had things going for him with a new haircut, a new eye *thanks to Rocket the Rabbit*, and a new weapon, the Stormbreaker. Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song was even playing in our heads when he made his entrance.

LOVE - The Captain Marvel tease and Nick Fury’s last words.

You did wait for the end credit scene, right? Because if you did, you would have seen Nick Fury send a distress signal *or a “beep” because we’re pretty sure that was a beeper he was holding*, to, maybe the last hope of the MCU, Captain Marvel. He did so and he was just in time. Right before he faded  he even had the chance to say half of his favorite word, motherfu….

LOVE - The Science Bros. and The Magic Bros. feat Spider-Man

It was fun to watch Tony Stark and Bruce Banner team up with Doctor Strange and Wong. Even though Banner was utterly useless because of the Hulk’s trauma from being pummeled by Thanos. Stark and Strange stole the show with their sarcastic banter. Seeing as how the two men are equally smart and pretty much have the same demeanor, it was a recipe for some pretty funny dialogue throwdown, much to the annoyance of Ebony Maw. We blame Spider-Man’s pop culture references for that one.


LOVE & HATE *Yeah, we’ll explain* - And the biggest idiot in the galaxy award goes to - Peter “Star-Lord” Quill.

Damn it, Peter! Why!? Why did you have to ruin such a good plan that you, yourself created! Star-Lord’s impulsive act cost the MCU a lot of its heroes, but can we really blame him? Peter Quill is hard to hate, more so if we take into account that he did save the galaxy twice.


He already lost his mom, he lost a father figure, and now he just lost the woman that he loves. We can’t forget that he’s half human, and in his own words “50% of that stupid is your 100%”. Well, in that particular moment against Thanos, he was 200% stupid, but then again, can we blame him? We hate what you did Peter, but we can sympathize because after all, we’re only human.


HATE - We DON’T have a Hulk, but we LOVE Bruce Banner  for stepping up and kicking ass.

Ever since the Hulk’s stay in Sakaar we noticed that the green raging monster has matured. He used to be a roided, temperamental bully, but now? He has mellowed down a bit. Suffice to say, a mellowed down Hulk versus Thanos isn’t really going to earn him an easy win and Hulk is used to winning every fight. When Thanos showed him what he’s capable of even without all of the Infinity Stones, Hulk got beat in less than 5 minutes. After that blunder, Hulk wouldn’t phase out of Bruce Banner’s body, and we can’t really blame him.


Although we’re disappointed that Avengers: Infinity War has zero-Hulk sightings, except for the beginning of the film, we did see plenty of Bruce Banner holding his own in a fight while, ironically, using the Hulkbuster armor.


LOVE - Doctor Strange and his “shadow clone jutsu”.

Doctor Strange, fought off the mad titan, Thanos, as best as he could before being taken down, but not before he showed us why he is the Master of the Mystic Arts. You’ll have to watch the movie to see what we mean, but we’ll give you a hint if you haven’t seen it yet.- Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!


LOVE - Iron Man’s Nano-tech Armor

Undoubtedly Tony Stark’s finest suit yet, the Mark 50, or as most fans like to call it, the Bleeding Edge Armor *although, the Bleeding Edge is numbered as Mark 38 in the comics* utilizes nanotechnology that regenerates when damaged. We’re not really sure how this works, but we’re guessing that it’s similar to the comics, wherein the armor’s regenerative abilities are controlled mentally by Tony. He may even be able to morph weapons mentally seeing as how he used a “hand-clamp” to prevent Thanos from closing his fist.

LOVE - Thanos is THE best villain the MCU has ever had.

We don’t need to go into detail because if you’ve seen the movie, you will agree. Thanos is one big baddie that brings out fear whenever he’s in a scene. In fact, the whole movie actually follows most of his movements as he plans to decimate half of the population. The fact that he’s so convinced that his actions are for the greater good makes him a very deadly opponent, and you want to know what’s more frightening? He’s so damn calm even though he’s about to murder millions.

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