Reel Rewards Mechanics
Watching movies just got more rewarding!


Reel Rewards is the only loyalty program that allows you to earn points just by booking movie tickets via the GMovies app.
You can earn points in two (2) ways.
1) Buy movie tickets.
Earn (1) point for every Php 50 spent on purchasing a movie ticket at full price via GMovies.
2) Collect badges by completing a series of tasks.
Earn a certain number of points when you unlock a set of badges.

What can I buy with my points?

You can redeem reward tickets using the points you have earned. Redeem tickets by using the corresponding reward promo code.


   Points Conversion

  Reward Promo Code

   50 points

  1 Free Ticket

  Valid for 2D cinemas only.


  75 points

  1 Free Ticket

  Valid for 3D, 4D or IMAX cinemas.


  100 points

  2 Free Tickets

  Valid for 2D cinemas only.


150 points

  3 Free Tickets

  Valid for 2D cinemas only.




  2 Free Tickets

  Valid for 3D, 4D or IMAX cinemas.




How to redeem rewards tickets?

1. Download the GMovies app on your smartphone and sign up.
2. Select a movie.
3. Pick a location.
4. Choose date, showtime, and seats then click continue.
5. Enter promo code and click "Apply"
6. Choose CREDIT CARD as payment method and enter credit card details.



How to check your available points?

You may check your available points on the header of  the “Reel Rewards” page.



Will my points expire?


Reel Rewards points do not expire.

Points do not expire so long as you keep your account active. To keep your account active, simply purchase at least one (1) ticket every quarter.



Terms & Conditions

• Points can only be earned from fully-paid transactions using the following payment methods: credit card, GCash, and bank deposit.

• Every Php50 you spend on a fully-paid movie transaction earns you 1 point. Partial points cannot be obtained from fractional amounts .

• Redemption of reward ticket/s is only valid with a minimum purchase of one fully-paid (1) ticket.

• Redemption is applicable on a per transaction basis and will be deducted from the total transaction amount.

• Points cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other GMovies promo and/or discount.

• Points are not exchangeable for cash, credit or other goods and services.